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Name:Jo Masters
Birthdate:Aug 6
Location:Florida, United States of America
The Keller Process--of Love.

All Doctor/Master fic, all the time. Jack Harkness sometimes pops 'round for tea and cuddles, too.

Interests (48):

ainley!master, crispy!master, delgado!master, doctor who, eigth doctor/master, eleventh doctor/master, female!doctor/female!master, femmeslash, fifth doctor/master, first doctor/master, fourth doctor/master, gallifrey, goosnake!master, harold saxon, jack harkness, jacobi!master, laser screwdriver, lucy saxon, morally complicated sexytimes, new who, ninth doctor/master, paradox machines, roberts!master, roger delgado's smackable ass, rogue time lords, scream of the shalka, second doctor/master, seventh doctor/master, shalka!master, simm!master, sixth doctor/master, slash, sonic screwdriver, tardis, tenth doctor/master, tenth doctor/simm!master, the doctor, the master, the rani, the sound of drums, theta/koschei, third doctor/delgado!master, third doctor/master, time lords, tissue compression eliminator, toclafane, vote saxon, yana!master
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